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Today, learning happens everywhere.

Yet, we still struggle to capture valuable learning that takes place outside of formal settings.

We need a new way to help people capture and communicate all of their talents and use them to transition into new opportunities.

Open Badge Academy is a complete solution that makes recognising lifelong learning simple.


Organisations create academies to launch open badges

Use badges to recognise learning, validate skills and build capabilities

Track and demonstrate the impact of your programme


Learners use badges to build a richer picture of themselves

Evidence badges on the move via mobile

Share your profile to stand out from the crowd


Professionals verify skills using endorsements

Experts, educators and peers provide evidence based endorsements of badges

Connect with the people who matter to you

On OBA you can...

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Create a library of badges

Use badges to define the skills you value and capture learning that isn't currently recognised.

Evidence and issue badges on the move

Capture multimedia evidence using mobile devices and issue badges anywhere, anytime

Track Progression and Impact

Demonstrate the difference your programme has made and create pathways into new opportunities.

Help people stand out from the crowd

Equip learners with a dynamic skills profile which can be shared across the web.

Verify skills using Endorsements

Leverage professional identity and build value into badges

All data on OBA is held in the EU and complies with EU data laws. To read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions click here.

NEW Login, share and endorse skills using Linkedin

Integrate badges into your system with our API

Easily create your own badging APP

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"By earning badges, young people become more discoverable by tech sector employers, showcasing skills that are now in high demand."

Ronan Dunne, CEO Telefonica UK

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