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Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps connect disparate systems and improves the way we interact with our data, our software systems, and with each other. Rather than making people obsolete, AI will make the modern workplace smarter and more meaningful.

Applying AI is too important to leave just to a handful of technical specialists. In this academy, you actively engage in the simplest ways of applying AI. You'll complete simple methods for choosing an AI wisely and solving a business problem; managing the data needed to create the AI; building, executing and scaling the AI; and maintaining ethical standards.

Target Learner:
  1. Analytics professionals with machine-learning experience interested in building AI systems
  2. Business leaders with industry expertise interested in innovating with AI
  3. IT leaders with data engineering experience interested in supporting AI infrastructures
  1. Real-world experience in an industry
  2. Basic knowledge of machine learning algorithms
  3. Basic knowledge of data ingestion, infrastructure, analytics, and visualization technologies
  1. Develop a vision for how to apply AI
  2. Introduce the simplest concepts required to apply AI
  3. Understand the requisites for going from vision to operation with AI
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