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Earn your Siemens Curiosity badge by investigating how things work in the world around you.
  1. Task 1 Start your journey

    If you have the chance, visit a Siemens exhibition - if not, make a trip to a museum, event or anywhere science, technology, engineering or maths are on show (have you been to the Crystal?) If you can't attend an event, you can even take a look around your home - STEM is all around you!

    Find a science, engineering, technology or maths (STEM) invention that makes you curious.

    How to complete the task

    • Take a picture and add a caption with a question about how this invention works.
    • OR upload a picture of Question 1 from your Curiosity Passport
    Hint: have you ever wondered how a remote control changes the TV channel?

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  2. Task 2 Become a detective

    A good detective investigates evidence carefully to discover and examine the facts. Now it's your turn to find out more about the invention that has made you curious.

    How to complete the task

    • Investigate the question you asked about how the STEM invention works in Task 1. Collect images which show how this STEM idea can be used in other inventions.
    • Add captions to your images to explain how STEM is at work.
    • OR upload a picture of Question 2 from your Curiosity Passport.

    Hint: if you know how a remote control works, what other inventions use infrared signals?

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