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Become a community networker by engaging and contributing to a community that you care about. To earn this badge, you need to show that you understand the importance of building community relationships. You need to demonstrate that you understand how contributing to a community can benefit others as well as your own personal development.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Your community

    What community would you like to be part of and why?
    Think about what you can contribute to the existing members of the community as well as your own social or professional development.

    Write no more than 100 words on your community. Describe what the community is, why you would like to be involved, and how you can meaningfully contribute.

  2. Task 2 Map it out

    Think about:

    • What do you currently understand about this community?
    • How many individuals or organisations does it consist of?
    • Where do they meet to share advice, ideas and resources?
    • How could you expand your relationships within this community?

    Visualise the network of people within the community, as you currently understand it, by creating a map of the people and organisations within this community. This will help you to understand the relationships between community members and who you might want to connect with.

    Can you identify a person or organisation you would like to engage with? Mark this on the map.

    Evidence this task by uploading an image of the map.

  3. Task 3 Connect and contribute

    Connect in a meaningful way that is beneficial to both yourself and the community. Meet with the individual or organisation that you identified in the previous task.

    How will you introduce yourself? Think of a concise, introductory message that includes your name, role, what you can offer, and any next steps.

    Evidence this task by documenting how you met with the community. This could be done by writing no more than 100 words, uploading a photo of the event, or linking to something else that explains how you connected and contributed to the community.

  4. Task 4 How did it go?

    Think about:

    • How did you connect with the community?
    • What were the positive outcomes, both for those you connected with and yourself?
    • Did you face any challenges? If so, how did you deal with this?
    • What did you learn from the experience?
    • How can you continue to build relationships with the community?
    • Have you identified any next steps or opportunities as a result of talking to other attendees?

    Write 200-500 words on this experience.

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