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Become an event networker by building contacts and professional relationships at events. To earn this badge, you will understand the importance of attending and contributing to events to build relationships. You will demonstrate how to develop professional relationships by attending, contributing and building new contacts at events.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Where to go and why

    What events would be useful for you to attend and contribute to, to develop your personal professional development? Think about what kind of contacts and relationships you would like to build, and why.

    Write no more than 100 words on the type of event/s you would like to participate in, and how you think this could help you build professional relationships.

  2. Task 2 Map it out

    Think about:

    • What do you currently understand about the type of events you are interested in participating in?
    • How many individuals or organisations usually attend or contribute to these events?
    • Where and when do they take place?
    • How could you build professional relationships at this type of event?
    • Is there a specific individual or organisation you would like to meet?

    Visualise this information by creating a map of the events including the answers to the questions above. This will help you to understand which event would be best to attend and why.

    Identify an event you would like to attend and mark this on the map. Explain why you think participating in this event will help you develop professional relationships.

    Upload an image of the map as evidence of this task.

  3. Task 3 Build your professional network

    Attend the event you identified in the previous task. Connect with attending individuals and organisations in a meaningful way that is beneficial to building your professional network.

    Before you go, think about how you will introduce yourself to other attendees. Think of a concise, introductory message that markets and promotes you. Include your name, role, what you can offer, and any next steps.

    At the event:

    • Talk to two people at the event that you have not met before.
    • Contribute to the event in someway. For example: give a talk, run a stall or activity, submit work, or ask a question at a Q&A session.

    Write no more than 100 words on what event you attended, who you talked to, and how you participated in the event.

  4. Task 4 How did it go?

    • What were the positive outcomes, both for those you connected with and yourself?
    • How did you introduce yourself?
    • Did you face any challenges? If so, how did you deal with this?
    • What did you learn from the experience?
    • Have you identified any next steps or opportunities as a result of talking to other attendees?

    Write 200-500 words on this experience.

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