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This is the final stage of the students’ TICE experience. Each student has 3 days to complete an industry led project of their choice. Sponsored by numerous creative companies and mentored by the TICE team, the students aim to complete their challenges to present and/or perform at their Final Show.
  1. Task 1 Your Industry Project

    Please tell us what project you chose and why?

  2. Task 2 Your 3 CREATE Days

    Please tell us what you did on each of the 3 days. Where were you and how did you find your project? (150 words)

  3. Task 3 Making a Positive Impact

    Do you feel that by participating in TICE it has had a positive impact on any of the following; Motivation, Organisational Skills, Confidence, School Work, Self-Awareness, Careers Options/Choices or New Skills. If so, which ones and why?

  4. Task 4 Your Future

    Has your TICE experience made you think differently about the Creative & Digital Industries? (for example; are there more opportunities than you thought? Would you consider studying or working in the Creative or Digital sector?)

  5. Task 5 Passing on advice

    What would you say to someone considering doing TICE next year?

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