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The CV Create badge demonstrates that the earner has taken the initiative to ensure that their CV fully represents them and their skills and is to an appropriate and relevant industry standard. The earner has a clear understanding of their own skills and the applicability of those skills in particular industries. They are self-aware and motivated in seeking employment which is appropriate for their skills.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Evaluate Your Skills

    The most important part of a CV is recognising the skills that you have and choosing the ones which are most appropriate to the job or placement that you are applying for.
    In this task, identify your key skills and experiences, and consider how to 'market' yourself as a potential employee.

    Contact your faculty EPU for help or use the resource below to identify your skills and experiences and then complete and upload a skills audit.
    Read the document called Skills Audit to help you understand the process.
    Copy and complete the document called My skills audit and upload it as your evidence. Or create your own audit and upload that.

  2. Task 2 Understand the CV

    Demonstrate your understanding of the purpose that a CV should serve and how you should tailor a CV for each job role. Your CV is never "finished" - you should continue to update it as you gain more experience, and review it for each job application.

    Talk to staff in your faculty EPU and / or use the resource below before writing a 250 (minimum) word document (it can be longer!) explaining why you need a CV, what you should include in a CV, what employers are looking for from a CV, and how you should adapt it for each role that you apply for.

  3. Task 3 Build a CV

    You have now researched the purpose of a CV and identified your own skills in relation to the industry you wish to enter either for a placement or after graduation.
    Now build your CV and upload a copy. You need to pay attention to:

    -Format and spelling in your CV

    -Missing experience - if you had an employment or study gap, what did you do during that period? What skills did you gain during that time?

    There are plenty of resources available to help you create your CV - your faculty EPU will have some and there are lots online. Choose the one/s that suit you and your career path best.

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