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The Professional Experience badge demonstrates that the earner has undertaken at least 30 hours of professional experience over a period of no more than 6 weeks, in an industry related to their degree. The earner has identified the skills that they have gained from the professional experience, reflected upon their experience, and responded to feedback from their supervisor on the placement. They are proactive in identifying opportunities for personal reflection and progression in their related i...
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Evaluate Your Skills

    During your professional experience, it is likely that you have developed additional skills that are related to your degree course. In this task, you should identify the skills that you have gained during this opportunity.

    There are many resources available online and through your EPU which will help you to identify your skills and create a skills audit showing what you have learned from your placement.

    Upload a skills audit that clearly identifies what skills you developed as a result of your placement.

  2. Task 2 Reflect on Your Experience

    Now that you have identified the skills that you gained during your professional experience, it is important to think more broadly about what you have learned, what you would have done differently, and the contributions that you feel you have made during your experience.

    Write a reflective summary of your experience addressing the following two aspects:

    - What you did during your professional experience (250 words)

    - What you feel was your personal contribution to the professional experience, and your key achievements (500 words)

  3. Task 3 Learn from Feedback

    Learning from feedback and identifying how you can improve your work is an important skill.
    In this task you should:

    - Upload (anonymised) evidence of feedback from your mentor, employer or tutor. Identifying names MUST be removed (mentor/employer name and company information).

    - Reflect on the feedback you received. What do you feel you could have done better, based on their feedback? And what are you particularly proud of in your professional experience?

    You can reflect on the feedback either by video (minimum 3 minutes) or by writing a 300 word reflection on the feedback.

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