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This badge demonstrates that the holder was selected to be part of Coventry University’s Digital Leaders programme and has engaged in the design and delivery of initiatives aimed at helping improve the digital fluency of their peers in the University or the wider community.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Digital Leader application

    In a digital age, it is crucial to develop a critical awareness of the impact of online tools and environments on our lives and work. It is important to be critical in your choice of digital tools and understand the implications of using certain technologies as opposed to others. It is also desirable that you can leverage this knowledge for the benefit of others in society who may not have the same level of digital fluency.


    Outline your understanding of digital skills, as developed through the thematic sessions on the Digital Leaders programme, and generate an idea for helping others to develop relevant knowledge, skills or attitudes.

    Create a video that presents your understanding of digital skills and your proposed initiative.

    This video will form your application for the Digital Leaders programme.


    Submit your video application to become a Digital Leader as your evidence to this task.

  2. Task 2 Planning your initiative

    Plan the delivery of your initiative to support others to develop their digital skills and knowledge.


    Demonstrate your ability to think strategically about how to deliver a digital initiative by producing a detailed plan. You will need to consider your target audience, mode of delivery and how you evaluate impact.


    Write a blog post (minimum 500 words) describing the planning process for your initiative, and include your final project plan.

  3. Task 3 Delivery and success

    Carry out your initiative and reflect on how it went!


    Provide evidence that you have delivered an initiative as part of the Digital Leaders programme and are able to reflect critically on its success.

    Evidence the teaching materials you used in the delivery of the initiative (e.g. images or links to materials).

    Collect anonymous feedback from at least 3 peers who participated in the initiative.

    Reflect on:

    • The delivery of the initiative

    • Peer feedback

    • Any improvements you would make to the teaching materials and their delivery


    Write a reflective blog post (minimum 500 words), critically reviewing the delivery of your initiative. Include anonymous peer feedback (images) and supporting evidence demonstrating the delivery of your initiative (images and links to teaching materials and dissemination).

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