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OBN Associate Partners are individuals or organisations that proactively work with Open Badge Network to support its work in advocating the adoption of the Open Badge standard across Europe. They have committed to the Open Badge Network Charter.
Issuer:Open Badge Network
  1. Task 1 Agreeing to the OBN Charter

    The Open Badge Network mission:

    To establish Open Badge Network as a trusted source of independent information, tools and informed practice, facilitating a badge ecosystem to be developed across Europe.

    My pledge:
    By accepting this badge, this individual has made a commitment to helping the Open Badge Network drive the adoption of digital credentials, giving formal and non-formal entities the control to better frame, capture and communicate all the skills and achievements of individuals throughout their career, via the universal open badge standard.

    This individual has invested in the idea that making all skills visible can empower people to better communicate their skills and achievements across the web in a trusted and verifiable way, and better connect them to the next steps in their learning and development. They recognise that credentials that align to the open badge standard can help individuals to become more discoverable online and support matching individuals to opportunities to grow careers and businesses.

    Badges have been issued to millions of individuals across the globe. This individual has pledged to help add to this number over the coming year and agreed to support and advocate the Open Badge Network Charter.

    The Open Badge Network Charter:

    • Advocate the adoption of the Open Badge standard across Europe to recognise learning achievements gained in variety of contexts

    • Provide information, guidelines and use cases to enable the widest possible adoption of Open Badges across policy, education, employers, service providers and individuals

    • Advocate for and enable social inclusion by ensuring marginalised groups are able to gain recognition for all their skills and achievements, supporting their personal and professional progression

    • Raise the value and profile of informal and non-formal learning taking place outside of formal education

    • Support on-going development of Mozilla’s open source backpack and other open badging tools, to ensure end users’ data is portable between systems and retained by the individual

    See the full Charter here: OBN Charter

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