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Members of the Open Badge Network (OBN) are advocates of the Open Badge standard. They have registered with the OBN to be kept up to date with Open Badge Network news and events.
Issuer:Open Badge Network
  1. Task 1 Become an Open Badge Network member

    The Open Badge Network (OBN) is an Erasmus + project which brings together organisations from across Europe to support the development of an Open Badge ecosystem, promoting the use of Open Badges to recognise non-formal and informal learning.

    Mozilla Open Badges is an open standard that allows all skills and achievements to be recognised and shared across the web. Schools, Universities, Employers and informal learning providers globally are using open badges to capture life long learning which is currently unrecognised.

    This project aims to provide a trusted source of independent information, tools and informed practice to support people who are interested in creating, issuing and earning badges across Europe.

    You can find out who is already issuing badges and share your planned or active badge projects too.

    We are looking for organisations and individuals from across Europe to join us and help build the Open Badge Network. It doesn’t matter whether you are a badge novice or expert, you can become a member of the Open Badge Network by registering here: OBN community registration.


    To receive this badge you must register as a member on the OBN portal. You can do that here: Join us

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