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Make this a Mozilla Open Badge and save it in your backpack
Earners: This badge demonstrates that you understand how to behave appropriately online and shows that you appreciate that what you do now can impact your future.Employers: This badge demonstrates that the Earner understands the importance of appropriate online communication and the concept of reputation management through application at a personal profile level. It demonstrates an awareness of consequence.
Issuer:OBA Makers
  1. Task 1 What makes your web?

    Share what makes your web, be this the social networks that you use or the websites you visit. Ultimately what and how you use them shapes who you are on the internet.

    Choose two of the social networks you use and tell us the positive and negative aspects of those sites.

  2. Task 2 Why are these sites important to you?

    What measures do you take into consideration to ensure the networks you use can protect your identity? Remember - you have the ability to customise your privacy settings across the social networks that you use - however this is often in a menu which is not so obvious to find!

    Explore 2 social networks and explain 3 key privacy features of each network. This will form your evidence for this task.
    You could look at:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram

  3. Task 3 Paris Brown

    Look at the information in the supporting document about the UK's first youth police and crime commissioner, Paris Brown.

    Tell us what you have learnt about your own digital tattoo from this example?

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  4. Task 4 Personal, Social and Professional Networks

    Three of the major social networks; Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are commonly used by employers to find out more about prospective employees - even before they have been offered an interview.

    A significant percentage of employers now 'Google' their potential interview candidates and a lot of what they can find out about you comes from open social networking profiles.
    What do your Social Networking Profiles say about you?

    • Do you have any Facebook photographs you would rather not have a prospective employer stumble across - what privacy measures could you put in place to help prevent them for seeing them?
    • What do think we mean by 'viral' spread?
    • In terms of privacy settings, would you apply the same strategy across all of your social profiles?
    Have a go at 'Googling' one of your peers, what information can you find out about them. Explore both the positive and negative aspects of their online presence (Digital Footprint).

    From your research share your top 5 tips on creating a positive digital footprint.

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