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The EXPLORE Stage runs over a period of two days (non-consecutive), involving taking students out of school and immersing them into creative industry, whether that is in further/higher educational institutions or in the workplace. This is the point in the TICE journey where the students get to see what the industry is like from their own eyes – a rare opportunity which makes this experience particularly special. At this stage, students have the chance to go on tours/trips and as a result, make c...
  1. Task 1 Trips, Tours and Visits

    Please tell us where you went for your EXPLORE stage. Where did you go on day one? Then where did you go on day two?

  2. Task 2 Skills Development

    What skills do you feel you have picked up throughout the EXPLORE stage?

  3. Task 3 Inspiration and Influence

    Is there somewhere you went or someone you met that inspired you? Please tell us a bit more about who it was or where it was. Why did they inspire you?

  4. Task 4 Explore More...

    If we had longer than 2 days, is there somewhere else you would have like to have seen? (for example; a company, venue or organisation). Or is there someone else you would have like to have met? (for example; a person with certain job role or particular college or university courses).

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