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The INSIGHT workshops are the beginning of the journey for all TICE students and their schools. It is a one-day workshop for each creative area (Fashion, Music, Graphics, Photography, Computer Science or Creative Enterprise). Students are introduced to their industry mentor who will continue with them throughout their TICE experience. The aim of this workshop is to gain further knowledge and understanding of a creative area. This is an introductory stage with a broad INSIGHT into careers, skill...
  1. Task 1 Introduction to the Creative and Digital Industries.

    Please tell us the Creative Area you were involved in for your INSIGHT stage (i.e. Was it Music, Graphics, Computer Science, Fashion, Creative Enterprise or Photography?).

  2. Task 2 How did your workshop go?

    Please give us a short description of your INSIGHT workshop. How did the day go?, What did you learn? What was the most interesting part? (150 words)

  3. Task 3 What would you like to know more about?

    Is there something about this creative area you would like to know more about? For example, skills, courses, job roles? Please let us know if there's a particular area of this creative industry that interests you the most?

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