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Students going on an exchange to India (Mumbai and Panchgani) on a voluntary basis can earn this badge by uploading evidence of assignments done during the preparatory phase, during the exchange as well as during the spin-off phase.
  1. Task 1 Pecha kucha-presentation - Preparation

    Build groups of about 4 or 5 students and make a pecha kucha-presentation about a given topic associated with your home country to be presented in India during the exchange. Keep 'the danger of a single story' in mind while making this assignment. Upload the pecha kucha-presentation (powerpoint) as evidence.

  2. Task 2 Reading a book or watching a movie linked with India - Preparation

    Make and give a 1-minute presentation about the book or film chosen and upload the video or powerpoint-presentation as evidence.

  3. Task 3 Organise a cultural show to be performed at our Indian partner-schools - Preparation

    Organise (with the whole group) a 'cultural show' to be performed twice at our Indian partner-schools. Upload at least one photograph/text/short film as evidence.

  4. Task 4 Develop lesson plans and games - Preparation

    Develop lesson plans and games to be taught/played at a rural primary school in India or at one of the slum classes of REAP. Your evidence should consist of any material documenting this activity (lesson plan/games ...)

  5. Task 5 Bringing your expercience back home - Spin-off

    The spin-off phase consists of three (sub)assignments/activities. This means that at least three documents will be needed to evidence these assignments/tasks.

    1 Keeping a diary or a blog
    2 Choose one object linked with your India-exchange and take it with you to
    class. This object should be the starting-point for telling a story about the
    exchange. Try to choose an object that, in a way, reflects the things you have
    learnt during this exchange. Possible is anything that documents the activity
    done during this spin-off session.
    3 Promoting your experience by doing one of the assignements suggested by
    your teachers (charity-work, writing an article for the school paper, giving a
    pp-presentation to the new badge of India-goers...) Possible evidence is
    anything that documents the activity chosen.

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