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To earn a Mechatronics Challenger badge you will be directing the MINI production line and tackling some tricky demands from your manager and customers.
  1. Task 1 Just in time

    Play Siemens' Lean Machines.

    How to complete the badge

    • Take a print screen when you have completed the game.
    • Upload the image.

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  2. Task 2 Be the boss

    The manager of the factory is taking a holiday and needs a "Production Instruction Sheet" or the production line will grind to a halt! Provide a break-down of the parts you use, and how they work.

    How to complete the badge

    • Describe what is happening at each stage of the production line
    • Explain what the most important factors in the production process to watch out for and monitor

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  3. Task 3 Millions of MINIs

    There has been a sudden flood of orders for MINIs, the production numbers must be dramatically increased. How are you going to meet the demand?

    How to complete the badge

    • Draw a flow chart showing your plan of action
    • Include details of how you will alter the production line to produce the number of MINIs necessary

    Hint: Would you need to have more or less customer options to help maintain stock levels?

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