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To earn a Technology Explorer badge you need to reflect on the impact and benefits of technology on your every day life.
  1. Task 1 Imagine…

    Can you imagine life without cars or buses, mobile phones or central heating? Take a look at Life without STEM.

    How to complete the badge

    • Write down three ways modern technology has improved something you do every day?

    Hint: How do you share things with your friends if you can't see them that day?

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  2. Task 2 Pass it on

    Design a two minute presentation to tell someone, it could be a friend, teacher or parent, about some of the ways technology can improve their quality of life.

    Hint: It could be to encourage your parents to use better insulation in your home to save energy, a keep-fit monitor to make your friend do more exercise or getting an iPad in class so you can use learning apps at school!

    How to complete the badge
    Upload your presentation or notes that include:

    • How the technology will improve this person’s life
    • How the technology works
    • Images

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