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To earn your Technology Challenger badge you need to investigate how technology has changed in the past, and imagine how it could change our world in the future.
  1. Task 1 Old vs. new

    Find an example of a piece of technology that has changed over time.

    Hint: It might be a new mobile phone compared with an old one, a new cycle lane, a hybrid car or an energy efficient light bulb.

    How to complete the badge:

    • Find pictures of your chosen technology and display them in pairs to show before and after views.
    • Add captions to explain why this is an improvement.

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  2. Task 2 Look to the future

    Write a blog post about how technologies may change your life in the future. Think about the self-driving car, virtual reality, 3D printing or drone deliveries, how will this change the way humans live and work?

    Encourage your friends to blog about your ideas and get them to share theirs too.

    How to complete the badge:

    • Write a blog post between 200-500 words
    • Include information about the pros and cons of the new technology
    • Explain how this could change human lives in the future

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