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The Earner of this badge has learnt about Street Dance and has been able to identify why they might want to take part in Street Dance sessions. They have also completed a short introductory activity to get them in the swing of things and can now also find other resources to support them to get active.
Issuer:Know Your Health
  1. Task 1 What is Street Dance?

    Watch the video created by the Street Dance team at Leeds Rhinestones and then briefly summarise (in your own words) what you think Street Dance is.

  2. Task 2 Why Street Dance?

    Watch the video created by the dancers at Leeds Rhinestones Dance Academy and then briefly summarise what you think the benefits of becoming a Street Dancer might be to you.

  3. Task 3 Do Street Dance!

    The dancers at Leeds Rhinestones Dance Academy have set you a short activity challenge so you can find out what Street Dance might be like.

    1. Watch the video and then upload video or photo evidence to show you 'doing' their challenge.

    If you don't feel comfortable uploading a video or photo evidence of yourself, you can jump straight to number 2.

    2. Upload evidence that summarises how doing the challenge made you feel.

  4. Task 4 Find Help

    There are other badges that can support you to get in the right 'mind set' to start Street Dancing (there might be things that you feel are holding you back) or even to support you if you are already dancing.

    1. Visit:

    2. Take a screenshot of a badge that you think might be helpful to you & upload it here as your evidence.

    - or -

    If you don't think any of these are relevant to you at the moment, add a text note as your evidence to suggest a badge or theme that you think would be.

  5. Task 5 Get Started

    If you wanted to get involved in Cheerleading tell us or show us clubs or sessions that you could attend near you.

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