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The earner of this badge has demonstrated their knowledge of key welding parameters. This includes knowing the most suitable processes, equipment and settings to perform a weld. They have a secure knowledge of health and safety legislation in Engineering, and take a professional and confident approach towards planning for and managing health and safety issues.
Issuer:Sussex Downs College
  1. Task 1 Processes

    Upload evidence demonstrating how you have planned to use the correct welding processes and machine for a given process.

    Your evidence should include how you have selected the correct gas shields, voltage, speed of wire and position of the weld.

  2. Task 2 Health and Safety

    Carry out an inspection of welding machine, and write a description of the process, relating to:

    • HASWA 1974
    • EAWE 1998
    • PUWER 1998

  3. Task 3 PPE

    Print and complete out the attached document about your use of PPE, then scan and upload it.. You must log at least 5 practical sessions, and have it signed off by your tutor. In addition, upload a photograph of you wearing correct PPE on these dates.

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