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You can earn the SeeWomen badge by entering the claim code you received from a SeeWomen show on your Profile page (left hand side menu), or by telling us more about a female role model in STEM.
  1. Task 1 Extraordinary people

    Many ordinary people work on extraordinary things that help improve the way our world works. Some people think the world of science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) is just for men - so let's shine the spotlight on the amazing women who have made important contributions to these fields.

    How to complete the task:
    • Find a female role model involved in STEM
    • Explain their contribution to STEM and/or why you find them inspiring

    Hint: Your role model could be the first British astronaut to be launched into space, Helen Sharman, or even someone you know. Perhaps a friend or relative works in STEM.

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  2. Task 2 Big picture

    All STEM jobs work towards a bigger aim or goal, whether it's to help solve a problem, improve life, or make the world, safer, healthier or just easier to live in. It’s important to understand how individual’s can contribute to this bigger picture – think of Marie Curie's research on radioactivity!

    For example, engineers work on trains, bridges and tunnels that help people to travel, so they can get to work easier or visit places they haven’t been before. Improving transport helps to connect people to their city and even the rest of the world. Think of how the London Tube is famous worldwide!

    How to complete the task:
    Explain how your chosen role model’s work/job helps to improve our wider world.

    Hint: Helen Sharman also contributed to medical and agricultural research whilst on the Mir space station!

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