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You can earn the Carbon Footprint badge by entering the claim code you received from a Carbon STEM session on your Profile page (left hand side menu), or by finding out below about your own carbon footprint and how you can reduce it!
  1. Task 1 Measure your carbon footprint

    Use the WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator to calculate your environmental carbon footprint here, or give it a go with our carbon scheme of work, in partnership with The Wildlife Trusts. What activity is making the biggest contribution to your footprint? Take a screenshot of your score and upload it as evidence!

  2. Task 2 Take action

    Taking action in the fight against climate change is not only about making changes to our own lifestyle but encouraging people in our wider communities to do so too.
    Use Siemens and The Wildlife Trusts’ carbon lesson to find out more.

    a) Identify 3 actions you could take personally to combat climate change and reduce your own carbon footprint

    b) Suggest further action you could take that would have a wider impact on encouraging others to reduce their own footprint

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