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This badge evidences that the earner is able to research a job, identify the skills required and prepare a CV and cover letter appropriate to that job.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Identify a job

    Identify a job that you would like to apply for.
    Demonstrate that you have researched the company or industry and thought about why you would like to work there. Consider the types of skills that this company expects of their employees.

    Evidence: upload a copy of the job description and evidence of your research into the company including sources you used and skills you identified.
    You can present this in any way that you wish – as a text file, mind map, images, blog…

  2. Task 2 Consider your skills

    The most important aspect of your CV is recognising the skills that you have and choosing those most suited to the job you are applying for.
    Identify your key skills and experiences relevant to this job.

    Evidence: select an appropriate skills matrix from the resources in your faculty or online; or create your own skills matrix and upload it.

  3. Task 3 Create a CV

    Now that you have completed your research about the job, you need to create your CV.
    Make sure that you have checked:
    -Spelling and grammar
    -Missing experience: if there is a gap in your timeline, explain what you were doing

    Use the resources available through your faculty EPU / tutors to support you in this task.

    NOTE: once the badge is awarded, your evidence becomes public (anyone looking at your profile can click on the evidence and view it). If you don’t want your personal details to be seen, please anonymise your CV or use dummy details.

    Evidence: upload your CV.

  4. Task 4 Create a cover letter

    The cover letter is an introduction - creating an image of you that will make a potential employer want to read your CV.
    Use online resources and those provided by your faculty EPU / tutors to help you develop an appropriate cover letter for the job you have selected.

    Evidence: create a letter suitable for the job that you selected for task 1.

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