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This badge recognises the work undertaken by the earner to participate in the Student Union election. This badge evidences how the candidate has developed their public speaking, marketing, negotiating and influencing, time management and leadership skills in running an election campaign.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Public Speaking

    This skill is vital for any student running in the elections for any position.

    By standing for election you will develop skills in public speaking as you campaign to convince other students to vote for you by letting them know why you are the best candidate and what you will achieve if elected. You will develop your skills and be able to speak confidently in front of groups of people ranging from small groups to over 100 people at a time.


    Submit ONE of the following as evidence:

    • A video of your speech at Question Time
    • A video of yourself going out and speaking to students across campus
    • A video of yourself talking to a lecture about the elections and why people should vote for you

  2. Task 2 Marketing

    You will develop good marketing skills throughout the election. You will have to produce social media posts, posters and other campaign materials in order to make student aware that you are running in the elections.


    Submit a screenshot or photograph of your social media posts (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) or use Storify to collect them all in one place.
    Submit a copy of your poster, flyers or other election promotional materials.

  3. Task 3 Negotiating and Influencing

    Throughout the election process you will be approaching students and convincing students to vote for you in the elections. You must be able to convert someone who hasn’t voted to saying that they are voting for you, to finally, get them to actually vote. You must be able to create a manifesto that effectively convince students to vote for you.


    Submit ONE of the following as evidence:

    • Create a blog post on how you have been campaigning
    • Write a short reflective piece on how you have been campaigning

  4. Task 4 Time Management

    To ensure that you are meeting all the deadlines for the elections and effectively campaigning whilst continuing with your studies, you will have to develop good time management skills.


    • Submit your manifesto on time, and submit evidence of you campaign planning.

  5. Task 5 Leadership

    During the elections you will lead your campaign team. You will have to organise your activities, ensure that your team are abiding by the rules and motivate them to campaign for you.


    Submit photographs of your campaign team (with their permision) campaigning for you and a short statement about how you organised your campaign team.

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