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This badge shows the person has knowledge of how to apply communication skills in the workplace and can: understand different methods of communication (verbal, non-verbal, written); understands active listening techniques; understands how to speak clearly, concisely and effectively to express views and opinions to support efficiency and productivity in the workplace, understand the different forms of questions used to hold productive conversations in the workplace
  1. Task 1 Before the Session

    What is your knowledge and understanding of communication before the session?

  2. Task 2 Methods and Types of Communication

    Please explain three different methods and types of communication in the workplace

  3. Task 3 Spoken communication and Active Listening Techniques

    Please explain the importance of spoken communication and active listening techniques in the workplace.

  4. Task 4 Different Forms of Questions

    Please explain two different forms of questions which help us develop positive conversations in the workplace and two which may not lead to productive conversations in the workplace.

  5. Task 5 Communication and Employment

    How will you take all of your new learning to help you find employment in the future?

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