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This badge shows the person has knowledge and understanding to demonstrate confidence within the workplace and can: understand the positive outcomes which can be achieved through demonstrating confidence in the workplace; develop skills and behaviours which will enhance their ability to project confidence and self-esteem to others; demonstrate confidence within an interview to gain employment
  1. Task 1 Before the Session

    What is your knowledge and understanding of confidence before the session?

  2. Task 2 Confidence in the Workplace

    Please explain what confidence in the workplace is

  3. Task 3 Positive Outcomes of Confidence

    Please explain three positive outcomes which confidence can bring to the workplace?

  4. Task 4 Demonstrating Confidence in the Workplace

    Please explain three different behaviours by which you can project confidence in the workplace.

  5. Task 5 Confidence and Employment

    How will you take all of your new learning to help you find employment in the future?

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