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This badge shows the person has knowledge and understanding of how to apply teamwork skills in the workplace and can: understand different teamwork skills that individuals possess which contribute to effective and ineffective teamwork; understand and adapt to different roles when working as part of a team; understand what makes an effective and ineffective team.
  1. Task 1 Before the Session

    What is your knowledge and understanding of teamwork before the session?

  2. Task 2 Skills for Effective Teamwork

    Please explain the different skills which contribute towards effective teamwork. Provide examples of how they support teamwork in the workplace?

  3. Task 3 Personal skills and development in teamwork

    Please tell us about the role you would normally take on when working as part of a team and the role you feel you need to aspire to be more like.

  4. Task 4 Roles Within an Effective Team and adapting to different roles

    Please tell us about two different teamwork roles and give one reason why it is important to try different roles within a team in the work place.

  5. Task 5 Teamwork and Employment

    How will you take all of your new learning to help you find employment in the future?

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