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This badge shows the person has knowledge and understanding of how to apply time management skills and techniques in the workplace and can: understand time management; understands different methods and techniques of time management; understands the technique of setting short and long term goals to improve productivity and efficiency; understands prioritisation skills to complete tasks.
  1. Task 1 Before the Session

    What is your knowledge and understanding of time management before the session?

  2. Task 2 Time Management in the Workplace

    Please explain what time management is in the workplace

  3. Task 3 Time Management Techniques

    Please explain two different techniques and tools which can be used to manage time. Provide one example of how these techniques or tools are useful in the workplace.

  4. Task 4 Productivity, Short Term and Long Term Goals

    Please explain the differences between short and long term goals. Provide one example of how you can apply these in the work place to help you be more productive

  5. Task 5 Time Management and Employment

    How will you take all of your new learning to help you find employment in the future?

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