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The earner of this badge has demonstrated they can communicate effectively verbally. They are able to introduce themselves with clarity and confidence, and can vary the volume and pace of their voice effectively according to the situation.
Issuer:Eastleigh College
  1. Task 1 Verbal Communication

    What you need to do:

    Demonstrate your ability to communicate verbally with your peers, tutors, future employers etc.

    What you need to demonstrate:

    You need to demonstrate a number of skills such as formal/informal language, making your content relevant to your audience and the ability to answer questions as they arise.

    How to demonstrate it:

    Task 1. Upload a 2 minute video of you talking about a topic of your choice/ Upload a 2 minute video clip describing the skills you have and explaining how they're valuable to an employer


    Upload a powerpoint of a presentation that you have created and presented to a group of your peers with a voice over of you explaining the content.

    Remember whatever you upload can be viewed by other people such as future employers

  2. Task 2 Verbal Communication

    Upload evidence of a conversation with a group of your peers using formal language to demonstrate your views and opinions appropriately.

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