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The earner of this badge has demonstrated that they are able to break down projects into subtasks and sequence these appropriately. They can manage and plan their own time to ensure deadlines are met. They know when to escalate and who to notify of changes or problems in a timely manner.
Issuer:Eastleigh College
  1. Task 1 Organisation and Planning

    What you need to do:

    Demonstrate your ability to plan and organise in a variety of different situations.

    What you need to demonstrate:

    You need to demonstrate a number of skills such as teamwork, effective planning, time keeping, communication and dealing with barriers.

    How to demonstrate it:

    Task 1. Upload either a written or audio file of an example of how you planned your time effectively to meet a target. Include what the deadline and targets were, as well as what activities were required to achieve them. Reflect on what you could have improved on.

    Remember whatever you upload can be viewed by other people such as future employers.

  2. Task 2 Organisation and Planning

    Record an audio file or write a descriptive piece explaining a situation where you have arranged an event and what skills this required. For example this could be a trip, an outing with your peers, a family event or a planning a revision timetable for exams.

  3. Task 3 Organisation and Planning

    Sometimes targets are not met, but what's important is that you can manage any delay effectively. Describe how you have dealt with missing a target or deadline and what you have learnt from this experience.

  4. Task 4 Organisation and Planning

    Upload an example of a situation of where you used problem solving skills

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