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The earner of this badge has demonstrated that they are able to talk to people, and are able to reflect on decisions they have made.
Issuer:Eastleigh College
  1. Task 1 Confidence

    What you need to do:

    Demonstrate your ability to independently showcase your current skillset.

    What you need to demonstrate:

    You need to demonstrate a number of skills such as independence, confidence, ability to communicate and form positive relationships.

    How to demonstrate it:

    Task 1. Take part in a mock interview with either an employer, your tutor, the careers team or a peer.


    upload an example of you working in a customer service environment / having a conversation with someone from the general public.

    Remember whatever you upload can be viewed by other people such as future employers.

  2. Task 2 Confidence

    Upload a piece of writing or audio clip describing an example of work experience, reflecting on the experience, discussing what was positive and suggesting areas for improvement.

  3. Task 3 Confidence

    Upload a presentation that you have created with an explanation about it.

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