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Earn this badge by learning how to create a design in 3D using Siemens Product Engineering software. We provide you with a 3D model of a phone and you design a stand for it. The stand could be 3D printed, folded from cardboard, metal or plastic, machined from a solid piece or injection moulded – it is your design, you decide!
  1. Task 1 1. Download Solid Edge and your 3D model phone

    Sign up the Student Edition of Siemens Solid Edge, download the software and install here.

    Download a copy of the 3D model phone here.

  2. Task 2 Consider the design of your stand and get sketching

    Think of the following ways you'd like to use your 3D model phone by asking yourself a few questions like:

    - What angle do you want to hold it at?

    - How do you want to support your phone?

    - Do you want to hold it at the top, bottom or sides?

    - Which orientation do you want to hold it in?

    - What size will your phone stand be? The phone model we have provided is 67mm wide x 138mm tall x 7mm thick.

    - Do you want to access the buttons or charging connector when it is on the stand?

    - Do you want to add anything else to your phone stand? Will it be funny? Or simple and sleek?

    You may want to do some sketches first to plan your design. Make sure your stand doesn’t cover the screen!

  3. Task 3 4. Start modelling your design in 3D

    Create sketches of the profiles you need to shape your design and create 3D geometry.

    Learn about how to get started with part models with this tutorial here.

  4. Task 4 Once you've finished

    Save your model.

    If you want to check it fits to the phone you can create an assembly.

    Learn about getting started with assemblies with this tutorial here.

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