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Employer: The earner of this badge can demonstrate an understanding of the IoT, clearly communicate an engaging example of how it works and explain key features of its accelerated adoption within industry. Earner: To earn this badge you need to understand what the IoT is, communicate in a creative way how it works and explain key factors influencing its recent growth.
Issuer:O2 Digital Skills
  1. Task 1 Explaining the Internet of Everything

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is formed through a network of 'things' embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity. Through integrating the physical world and computer based systems objects can be sensed and controlled remotely to collect and exchange data.

    The first task to earn your O2 IoT badge is to watch the introduction video below from Courtney Lockyer, CIO Business Manager at O2. Then supported by your own research, provide a one paragraph explanation for each of the following items detailing how they can be connected to the IoT:

    • Slippers
    • Basil
    • Nappies

  2. Task 2 Communicating the IoT

    The second task to earn your O2 IoT badge is to effectively communicate how the IoT has revolutionised the way data is collected and exchanged, using an example of your choice.

    To help you understand how you can present information in a fun, accessible way, look at the info-graphics below which communicate key features of the Internet of Cows, Fridges and Toilets.

    Then create your own info-graphic designed to communicate an interesting, even unexpected, example of how the IoT works.

    No caption
  3. Task 3 Why now?

    The term the 'Internet of Things' isn't new, it's been around for over a decade, stemming from research carried out by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). However over recent years there is an increasing interest in the IoT and how it can shape the world around us.

    One influential factor is a decrease in hardware and production costs, not only bringing down the actual cost of devices, but also allowing for more sophisticated and intelligent hardware to be utilised.

    Your final task to earn the O2 IoT badge is to, supported by your own research, explore some of the other factors that have helped to accelerate the adoption of the 'Internet of Things' within organisations.

    Then provide an explanation of three key influential features of the accelerated adoption of the IoT within industry.

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