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To gain this badge a person will have completed at least 30 hours of graduate activity that meets the NCS Trust's social outcomes of civic engagement, social mobility or social cohesion and reflected upon their skill development. By engaging in 'My Graduate Journey', the person will have developed core skills highlighted that enable effective entry into the workforce. Your badge can be shared on social media and displayed in LinkedIn or other eportfolio platform.
Issuer:NCS WM1 Graduate Academy
  1. Task 1 Graduate Journey Reflection

    During the course of your graduate journey, what skills do you feel you have developed through being a part of the graduate programme in your local area?

    Please refer to specific activities and community organisations you have engaged with. Reflection submission can be in any format.

  2. Task 2 Graduate Hours

    Showcase your hours of active engagement with the local Graduate Youth Board.

    Please submit photographic evidence from your My Graduate Journey Journal.

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