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Learners who are awarded this badge are able to identify and articulate their personal, academic and practical strengths; identify the skills and knowledge profile of their preferred career path and the actions they need to take to make their first steps towards their future career goals, through higher education, training and employment. Holders of the Going Further Badge are able to progress to the Passports to HE, Higher Apprenticeships or Employment.
Issuer:Sussex Downs College
  1. Task 1 Session 1 - All about me

    The first session aims to develop and apply your skills for self-reflection and analysis. You will explore your areas of personal strength and those for development and use this as the basis for driving your own future plans.
    This is an opportunity for you to discover and express your personal qualities and understand how these will help you to reach your future goals.

    Today's task: Produce a SWOT analysis of yourself, skills, experiences and personality traits, using the template provided. Upload your SWOT and the end of today's session.

    Extension activity: work with a partner, friends or family to complete a Johari window task, using the guidance and templates provided

  2. Task 2 Session 2 - Future audit

    This session will help you explore options after you have completed your course.

    To do this you will explore some of the myths around the cost of going to university and how to apply for student finance. How you apply to university, How you can apply for an apprenticeship.

    Today's task - You will create your own action plan.

  3. Task 3 Session 3 - All things UCAS

    This session will be focusing on the UCAS application system. We will look at getting you registered and start looking at forming a personal statement.

    Todays task will be to complete a skills assessment sheet to support your personal statement.

  4. Task 4 Session 4 -Going further

    In this session, we will recap on all bits covered over the last 3 weeks.

    We will look at work submitted and completed and identify strengths and areas for improvements in regards to your next steps. This will either be done through 1:1 tutorial or Peer coaching.

    We will also ensure that all terms and conditions are met before Chromebooks are given.

    For task four; to ensure that you meet the terms and conditions of the badge - you will have a minimum of two sessions with a designated Peer Coach.

    The evidence will be to upload meeting notes that were completed by your Peer Coach during that meeting.

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