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Employer: The earner of this badge is showcasing their skills and talents by sharing a piece of wearable technology they have created, alongside their inspiration and ambitions for the future. Earner: To earn this badge you will need to show off your wearable tech creations, and tell the story what inspired you to live up to your ambitions!
Issuer:O2 Digital Skills
  1. Task 1 Your creations!

    A Showcase badge is an opportunity for you to share your existing wearable tech projects with a wider audience. You may have created some wearable tech as part of a project at school through the TechFuture Classroom project, for a competition, or as part of a digital maker initiative outside the classroom.

    Through sharing your work you have the opportunity to earn the recognition from O2 as a digital maker and you can start gaining endorsements for your work from friends, family and industry experts.

    The first task to earn your Wearable Tech Showcase badge is to watch the introduction video from Courtney Lockyer, CIO Business Manager at O2, and then upload a picture or video of your wearable tech creation.

  2. Task 2 The people behind the technology.

    It is important to recognise the people behind technology. So the final task to earn your O2 Wearable Tech Showcase badge is to watch the video below, then tell us more about your inspiration, creation and ambitions. You can do this using video, text or a series of images.

    Remember great technology, works best with great people!

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