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The earner of this badge has demonstrated they can be considerate and supportive to others including peers, tutors, employers etc.
Issuer:Eastleigh College
  1. Task 1 Consideration for others

    What you need to do:

    Demonstrate your ability to be considerate of other people.

    What you need to demonstrate:

    You need to demonstrate a number of skills such as how you support colleagues and are considerate of other people.

    How to demonstrate it:

    Task 1. Upload a photo of a project you have completed at college, or your work bay/space in the workshop in a tidy and organised fashion.

    Remember whatever you upload can be viewed by other people such as future employers

  2. Task 2 Consideration for others

    Upload evidence of a time you have suggested a positive change to improve a piece of work or situation you have found yourself in. This could be an example from college, work or your personal life.

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