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The earner of this badge follows the VESPA model. Vision: Knows why they are studying each of their A Levels. Effort: Completes lesson activities to the best of their ability and make improvements to their work following feedback from their teachers and peers. System: Takes good notes in class. Practice: Compare their work to model answers. Attitude: Redo their work if their don’t achieve their target grade at the first attempt
Issuer:Sussex Downs College
  1. Task 1 VESPA 1

    Upload a 3-5 minute video which includes:

    • An explanation of why you are studying each of your A Levels
    • Examples of improved work and an explanation of what changes were made and why following feedback from teachers and peers
    • Examples of notes made in class and an explanation of how you use them to improve your knowledge and skills
    • Examples of work you have compared to model answers with targets for improvement
    • Examples of first and subsequent submissions of the same piece of work and an explanation of what improvements you made to gain a higher grade

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