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The BBC Make it Digital badge for Digital Creativity recognises the amazing talents of digital makers and shapers by celebrating skills in taking technology and turning it into something unique, exciting and never seen before. This badge will showcase individual achievements and help inspire more people to make, work or play with tech to change the world, improve our lives or just have some fun!
Issuer:OBA Makers
  1. Task 1 Tell us about your tech

    The first task to earn your badge is to tell us about your how you have used technology in a creative way, this could be anything from writing a popular blog, creating your first film or building a robot, please include details of:

    • The technology you have used
    • How you have used this technology in a creative way
    • Why you think other people should get creative with digital

    If you haven't created anything yet it's not too late! Here are some links to some great resources available through the BBC website:

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  2. Task 2 Showcase your digital creation

    The final task to earn your badge and be part of the BBC Make it Digital community is to upload evidence of your work, this could be a photograph, video document or link. Choose whichever media you think reflects your work in the best way.

    We look forward to seeing your creations, good luck!

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