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Earners are able to confidently present information in an engaging manner.The presentation demonstrates individual or group engagement and learning. Earners must share skills or knowledge that they have learned during the learning process, either by teaching the skill to peers or by sharing examples of its use.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Presentation

    Present a project or work that you have recently undertaken, explaining the project and the skills that you learned as a group and/or individually.

    Upload evidence of your presentation - moving or still image; hard copy or notes or a combination of these.

  2. Task 2 Learn New Skills

    The presentation should demonstrate that you have learned new knowledge or skills. It should demonstrate the learning process and your reflection.

    Upload evidence of skills learnt during the process. This evidence could be part of your presentation, or could be a virtual or physical artefact. You can upload evidence in any format.

  3. Task 3 Share Knowledge

    You should evidence that you have shared skills or knowledge acquired during the process with your peer group.

    You can upload this evidence in whichever format is suitable for your project.

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