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The earner has worked with a team of peers to define a project, create a project plan and allocate tasks and roles. The team have identified the learning required to complete a project and completed a skills audit.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Collaborate as a team

    Collaboration is a key skill for team working. You will need to meet regularly (in person or virtually), and communicate effectively to ensure that you are working together.
    You will need to keep records of the meetings and the communication between you.

    Upload evidence of meetings and communication plans for your team. This can be printed notes, written evidence or screen shots of online conversations. The evidence should include the mode of communication that you choose for the group (Face-to-face, Facebook, WhatsApp, text etc)

  2. Task 2 Plan your project

    You will need to a plan for your project:
    - Identify the tasks you need to complete to make the project happen
    - Assign tasks to people
    - Check that the tasks are happening
    - Plan for problems (delays, access issues, time management etc.)

    Upload evidence of your original project plan and the changes to it over the duration of the project.

  3. Task 3 Complete a skills audit

    Identify the skills / knowledge that you require to complete the project.
    Complete an individual and team skills audit to identify knowledge / skills within the group.

    If you have completed an MBTI, you should reflect on the outcome and it's impact on your role within a group.

    Upload evidence of the audit, showing the skills required and those that you have within the group.

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