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The Digital Networker badge demonstrates that an earner understands how to make the most out of their online network and can use the various tools available to develop their online networking presence and create meaningful online engagements.
Issuer:Coventry University
  1. Task 1 Create a visual representation of your online network

    You need to create a visual interpration of your online presence, showing which social media channels you use both personally and in a professional capacity, and how these link to one another. This should be done at the beginning of applying for your badge.

  2. Task 2 Write a 500 word essay on how to use social media for professional networking

    Your essay should be submitted in text format. It is suggested that you write this up in a word processing program and copy and paste the text for submission.

  3. Task 3 Provide evidence of your professional online engagements.

    You need to provide evidence of your professional online engagements on social media. Which social media channels you use are up to you.

    You should provide evidence of meaningful online interactions and online discussions. A meaningful interaction is not simply a 'like', it is about people sharing your content and connecting it with the wider digital community,

    This evidence should be collated into a Storify document which should be openly accessible.

  4. Task 4 Create another visual representation of your online network

    You should by now have developed your online network from when you created your visual representation in task one. Create another visual interpretation of your network to show the developments you have made. This should show a growth of your network and demonstrate how your various social media platforms link to one another.

  5. Task 5 Utilise an online connection

    Using your newly developed online network, utilise a connection which you have made and do one of the following:

    • Have an online conversation with someone who inspires you.
    • Gain an offer of employment through your online network.
    • Find a placement opportunity through your online network.
    • Or actively promote an impactful online campaign, utilising those in your network.

    This evidence can be submitted in any format.

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