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Make this a Mozilla Open Badge and save it in your backpack
The earner of this badge has learned how to design badges of value and apply effective practice in defining the content for a badge. This badge will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.
Issuer:Get Started with Badges
  1. Task 1 About the DigitalMe Canvas

    Watch the video below to find out more about the DigitalMe Badge Design Canvas.

    Do you have an idea for a badge that would recognise skills, capabilities or achievements? To complete this task briefly explain your idea for a new badge.

  2. Task 2 Complete the DigitalMe Canvas

    Download the Badge Design Canvas and work through each section of the badge canvas, adding notes about your badge idea. See the useful prompts for each section in the slides below.

    To earn this badge upload a photo of your completed canvas as evidence.

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