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This Mission is all about computer science and coding! You'll be learning how to create simple website pages using the computer languages HTML and CSS. Give it a go - you can't get it wrong! By completing this Mission you'll earn the “Astro Coding” badge from Young Rewired State.
Issuer:OBA Makers
  1. Task 1 What is HTML and CSS?

    A full set of complementary resources are available for download on the UNSA site

    What do you think controls the ISS while it is in space? COMPUTERS!

    What do they use to communicate? CODE!

    Code is just a language. A language like Spanish or French but instead of using it to communicate with people from other countries, we use code to communicate with computers. Basically, if you learn computer code, you can tell the computer to do anything you want it to do!

    You will need:

    Take a look at this presentation and you should use the cards to answer the questions on the screen.

    As evidence for this task you can upload:
    • a short written report of what you did
    • a photo of you doing the exercise

    You might like to check out this short video that answers the question:
    Is Computer programming Hard To Learn?
    (short answer = NO!)

  2. Task 2 How can I write with HTML and CSS and start to edit it?

    Using the cards from the previous task, and using this presentation, have a go at writing some HMTL and CSS!

    Remember - you can't get this wrong! Just have a go and enjoy learning a bit more about how to code!

    You should upload evidence of your work in whatever format you choose. This might be a diagram, a drawing, a video, image or piece of writing, but please include evidence of using HTML and CSS languages.

    You might enjoy watching this video from Ruth Nicholls at Young Rewired State in which she answers the six most frequently asked questions about coding:

    • What is code?
    • Why is it important to learn how to code?
    • How many different types of code are there?
    • What happens if you type the code wrong?
    • What would you say to a new coder?
    • What is the best thing about coding?

  3. Task 3 Build a web page and edit it!

    Create a FREE account on and then:

    • using the Astro Code sheet to help you, and what you've learnt in the previous tasks, have a go at creating your own Tim Peake web page.

    Start by taking a look at this Presentation

    You should upload evidence of your work either as:
    • a photo/screenshot of your site
    • or a piece of writing about your experience of making the site.

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