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Can you find out all about the NHS and become an NHS Reporter? Create a report on the services in your local community - chemists, doctors, dentist, walk-in centre, minor injuries clinic, or hospitals.
Issuer:Get Involved In Your NHS
  1. Task 1 Fact Finding - Health in your community

    What are the local health services in your area?

    You could show what you know by:

    • Creating a picture gallery
    • Drawing a map of where the health centres and services are in your community and adding this as an image
    • Record an audio journey to one of your local health services using the OBA App
    • Make a leaflet and upload a copy of this

    You could include information about when the service is open, who works there, why or when you may need to use this service and what happens there.

    You can search for your local health services by putting you postcode in the NHS Choices website.

    There are some awesome NHS facts that you can check out here, and some free help resources you can download here.

  2. Task 2 Fact Finding - Sharing a story

    Share your own experience of one health service or speak to someone who has used one of the services and share their real life story. This could be a friend or family member. There are some great interview tips available here!

    What was the visit for? What happened there? Who did you or they talk to? What was interesting about the visit?

    Or you could think about how different people in your local community may use the health services you explored in the first task e.g babies, older people, people with disabilities.

    For your badge evidence, you could:

    • Submit a video of your interview
    • Record it as a podcast using the OBA App
    • Write up the questions and answers with photos about what they said in the interview and what you learned about health services.

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