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Find out the views of others on a specific health or healthcare issue and share these views.
Issuer:Get Involved In Your NHS
  1. Task 1 1. The issue

    What would you like to explore and why?

    Write at least five questions you would like to ask other people to find out their views on this issue.

    Submit your questions as badge evidence.

    You can view and download some free resources and help materials here.

  2. Task 2 2. Hearing from others

    Speak to at least three other people about the issue you would like to explore.

    Ask each of them the questions you created in the task above.

    Share you findings:

    • You could create an audio or video interview with one of the people you asked that you feel had particularly interesting answers.
    • Write up your findings.
    • Create a table of results.

  3. Task 3 3. Sharing

    This is your chance to present your findings to the relevant health service.

    You can:

    • write a letter (and share this as evidence on OBA).
    • create and share an interview with someone you have spoken to who has had a positive or negative experience with the health service as your intended audience.

    If you want to find out how to share your views directly with health services take a look at these fact sheets or you can contact your local Healthwatch.

    The film below explains what Healthwatch is and how they may be able to help you in your area.

    If as a result of earning this badge you would like to run a health campaign take a look at the Speak Badge

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