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Identify a change you would like to make to improve your health.
Issuer:Get Involved In Your NHS
  1. Task 1 The Change

    What is the change you would like to make and why? Do you want to eat more healthily? Be more active? Help yourself to feel more positive, relaxed or deal with difficult situations better?

    The first thing to do is to make a plan of what you are going to do. Will you need any help from anyone? Will you let people know so that they can support and encourage you, or even do the change together?

    You can:

    • Write down the change you would like to make and your ideas or a plan of how to make this change happen.
    • Take some pictures that help to show the change you have in mind.
    • Record a video explaining why this change is important to you.
    • Record a podcast via the OBA App.

    Submit this as your evidence.

  2. Task 2 2. Create a diary of your progress

    Provide evidence of your change in action.

    You can:

    • Write a daily, weekly or monthly blog updating on your progress.
    • Create a video diary or take selfies or pictures of the actions you are doing to make your change.
    • Tell us what impact you had. Did you achieve your change? How do you feel now?

    Upload your recordings to earn your badge. Find out more about the NHS badges here.

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