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Create a campaign about something important to you connected to health or a particular health service.Below are two films that can give you inspiration: 1. 'Speak It's A Two Way Thing' created by a young person named Hannah. 2. Hannah sharing how she became passionate about creating the 'Speak' campaign and giving you some tips.
Issuer:Get Involved In Your NHS
  1. Task 1 Your message

    Is there a clear message you would like to make to the NHS?

    Watch Hannah's campaign video below to see an example.

    Write out the issue you have identified and why it is important to you and submit this as your evidence along with any images on OBA.

    You can download free help resources here

  2. Task 2 Your campaign

    Create something to convey your message in an interesting way to your audience.

    This could be:

    • a video (or if you don't have access to video equipment write/draw a storyboard for your video idea).
    • a poster to share some compelling key facts.
    • an emotive letter addressed to the person who has the most potential to help you in your campaign.
    • a petition to show the level of support and agreement from others.

    Share this as your evidence.

  3. Task 3 Spreading the word

    Show how you are promoting your campaign and the responses you are receiving;

    • Have you shared it with a service? How did they respond?
    • How else have you shared your campaign and what feedback did your receive?
    • What impact has your campaign had?
    • What are your plans for the future of your campaign?

    We recommend you document your progress for at least a month and then share this as evidence. You can collate your progress with images. videos, audio interviews via multiple evidence uploads on OBA.

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