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What would you like to do, or what are you already doing to promote a health issue in your community? This could be with your school council or a youth health forum, for example, at a doctor's surgery, hospital or with a Healthwatch.
Issuer:Get Involved In Your NHS
  1. Task 1 How are you involved?

    Describe what you would like to do or what you are already doing. Ideas on how you could get involved are available here.

    • How are you involved?
    • Why is it important to you?
    • What are you hoping to achieve?

    Write down facts about your role, create a video or audio recording via the Open Badge Academy App that describes your role.

    For inspiration from others on how they are involved watch:

    You can download free help resources here.

  2. Task 2 You in action

    Show us you in action and the impact you are having.

    • Write a diary or blog about what you do or something you are working on.
    • Share what you have learnt, developed and achieved.
    • Take a photo at key steps along the way such as meeting someone new and create an image gallery
    • Interview someone you are working with about the changes you are making and the impact you are having.

    If as a result of earning this badge you would like to run a health campaign take a look at the Speak Badge.

    Find out more about the NHS badges here.

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