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Do you help someone keep healthy and safe? This is your chance to share your story and be rewarded with a badge to recognise your help! You may help a family member, a friend or someone in your community. Are you a young carer?
Issuer:Get Involved In Your NHS
  1. Task 1 Share your story

    We would like to hear about how you help someone.

    Give as much information as you are happy to about who, how and why you help.

    You can share your story by:

    • creating an image gallery.
    • interviewing the person you help about how you help them and the impact it has on their lives (this could be a written interview or a video or audio podcast via the OBA App).
    • creating a video diary or vlog.

    Do you help on a regular basis or is it a one off? This could be something you do every day, every week or even an example of when you once went the extra mile to help someone and to care.

    Upload this as your evidence.

    Thank you for helping and for sharing your story! Find out more about the NHS badges here.

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